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Dad Changing Diaper

Having a helping husband around for a new mother is a sheer blessing. Being new mom we have lot many things to do like breastfeeding, laundry, diapering, feeding baby food and the list goes endless. In such a hectic schedule of new mother, even a small helping hand by husband means a world of happiness to us. Yes they cannot breastfeed our little one but yes helping us in changing diapers gives us few moments to take rest. I’ve been lucky to have a hubby who helped me in diaper changing from day one of Erishka’s birth. In fact he is much better than me, he is quick and does a perfect bit for diaper changing by even disposing it rightly. Being in nuclear family, a little help by our partner makes our life a bit easy for new mom.

Not all husbands are so comfortable in diaper changing session. They have some petty reasons for not to do so, like how can I do it? I really do not know how to change a diaper? Argh! For God sake even we as mothers were not born with hands on knowledge for diaper changing. Even we have learned the knack to change diaper efficiently only after being mom and after changing the diaper for the first time. So following are few pointers for how to appreciate your helping husband in diaper changing and how to keep your husband motivated for diaper changing duty.

1) Basket it

Keep your diaper basket all ready and ready to use for any immediate diaper changing process. That basket should include baby products like baby talcum, baby wipes, washcloth, 2 pairs of change of clothes, baby rash cream and few diapers stacked. And if your hubby still finds the diaper changing is yukky job especially with smelly potty blowouts, just add few gloves, mask and vicks vapor rub to be applied on his upper-lip so that he does not smell anything foul.

2) Appreciate him

Even if your hubby is not so proactive to help you when it comes to diaper changing, just appreciate whatever he does for you during those sessions. If at all he passes you just a diaper or rash cream, appreciate him. This might motivate him to change diapers in future. Never let go any of his efforts unnoticed by you.

3) Make him realize

Make him subtly understand that how difficult it is for you to changes diapers, breastfeed and cook all alone with no extra help available. With his little efforts you value his contribution as it helps you to take your much needed nap. Make him realize that breastfeeding your child, doing 2-3 sessions for laundry and cooking makes you exhaustive and you burn much more calories that he does at gym or at office.

4) Gift him

If you are very clear that you won’t be able to cope up with new mother all alone, then during pregnancy you may gift him a Dad Diaper Duty kit. The kit must include all diapering essentials and also don’t forget mask, gloves and fragrance ointment. When everybody is busy showering you with blessings and gifts for you and your baby, a small gift for him from you will make him feel responsible and special to be as dad. I did not gift him as he was traveling abroad during my pregnancy days. I just wrote him a mail, saying i will need your assistance to become a best mother for our unborn child and also attached the diaper duty kit image with it. He immediately replied stating, ‘Yes, am all prepared and ready for it’. It just melts my heart, and till date we never had issues with diaper changing sessions.Touch-wood, during my early days of postpartum, he did help me with soiled diaper cleaning too. As I was cloth diaper mamma, it was more 3 sessions for laundry for me, so when he was at home he used to help me in laundry too.

5) No Helicoptering

Please do not ever think to hover around your husband at all times when he is changing diaper of your lo. Your lo might get distracted with your presence and make the diaper changing process much more difficult for your hubby. Also do not find faults or dictate what has to be done and how, dad and babies share a unique bond, and they enjoy those differences too. Doing helicoptering will also not serve the purpose for which you asked helped from your hubby, i.e. to take rest or nap. By interfering in what your hubby is doing or is he doing correctly or not, all these stuff will add stress to your mental health. So just sit back and sip a cup of coffee or take a power nap till your lo is taken care by your hubby.

I hope my tips on how to motivate your husband for diaper changing may be helpful for all new moms and new dads as well. Please share your views and experience on Dad’s diaper changing duty. Happy Parenting!!

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