Diapering Dilemma: Cloth vs Disposables

Which one to choose Cloth Diaper or Disposable Diaper for baby?

Cloth Diaper vs Disposable Diapers

Motherhood comes with lot of hidden terms and conditions. Yes, while holding your bundle of joy in your arms, needless to say that the diapering can get your hands dirty! You would have done lot of R&D in the most sensitive and debatable issues like breastfeeding or top up feed, babysitter at home to take care of your little or to send your lo to a day care, opting for work from option or get back to 9-5 job. Apart from these the very first dilemma you might face is to use cloth diapers or disposable one.

I was a complete cloth diaper mamma and I opted for disposable (pant style) diaper just when I wanted to potty train my little one. Gone are those days when cloth diapers use to make new moms’ life more tedious with never ending laundry.

From past decade, cloth diapers have been re-introduced in market , with high and fast absorbing cloth material and with secure locking to avoid leaks. And it is becoming popular because its environment friendly and cost-effective(it can be reused). Adding to it, cloth diaper works best for the baby with sensitive skin as it reduces chances of nappy rashes in babies. The modernised cloth diapers are well designed to fit snugly to baby’s bum, and also the absorbent quality is undoubtedly awesome. Being a cloth diaper mamma is fun, as there is a wide range of cloth diaper available in market with beautiful patterns and attractive colours to choose from.

There is no second opinion that Disposable diapers are much more convenient to use and easy to dispose that poop off your hand right away. Disposable diapers are like boon when you are travelling with your little one. It makes mothering act to be bit mess-free and less laundry sessions. But again, it takes around 300 years to decompose, adding more trouble to our green planet. Also with the ignorance on how to dispose the poop on disposable, this may lead to fatal disease like plague. Below are few differences I have jotted after my experience with both cloth and disposable diapers for my lo. Please read, go through carefully and take your call accordingly.


There is no doubt that disposable diapers are not at all eco-friendly. If you’re one of those mom who prefers paper or jute bags instead of plastic , then the disposable diapers are big ‘NO’ for you.

Messy Poop

When it comes to disposables, it acts like an angel for new mothers as you can just scrap/flush the poop and toss away with dirty smelling diaper. It becomes much easier to roll the smelly traces with the sticky tapes comes with disposables. No matter how well you try to scrap the poop in cloth diaper till you do your next laundy there are more chances of messy accidents to happen.

Comfort Factor

If your baby has poor sleep, and does not sleep for good long hours, then disposable works best as it will quickly absorbs the pee and will keep the baby dry and comfortable throughout the night. Also keeping a watch and changing the disposable diaper at every 2-3 hrs (Even in nighttime) helps to avoid diaper rashes.

If your baby’s skin is sensitive, then you must opt for cloth diapers. No matter how much the disposable diapers re-brand themselves as ‘skin-friendly diapers’, but cloth diapers offers the best comfort to your baby. If disposables were skin-friendly, then we as adult would be roaming disposable underwears. Just try doing this small test, rub a cloth diaper on your cheek and then the disposable one. You will notice the difference of comfort and understand what I am talking about.

Cost Effectiveness

With lot of trial and error, I’ve noticed that Disposables do cost a lot but the cloth diapers cost the same. As with 3-4 sessions of laundry the detergent, water, electricity used for washing / sanitising cloth diapers costs the same. Yes of course the cloth diapers are reusable, so if you are planning the second baby, cloth diaper is your choice.

Diapering tip:

*When you use cloth diaper it becomes easier for moms to do potty training for their kids. I was able to train my daughter just before her first birthday.

*Cloth diapers work wonders for sensitive skin. Due to it’s high comfort quality, it reduces the possibilities of diaper rash.

*As mentioned earlier, while travelling with lap infant and running toddler, disposable works best as it makes your trip mess-free to greater extent.

*You can go with the hybrid option like using cloth diaper at home and also use disposable while traveling,  at social gatherings or family functions. Many mothers do that.

So, it’s completely personal for each parent and each one of us should be respected for the same. And of course no mother can be judged on the basis of what kind of diaper you use for your little one. No parenting or mothering style can judge you as good or bad mother. So just do away with the baggage attached to tag a mother by social stigmas.

As a responsible and well informed mother one should select the diapering pattern which suits best for their baby and which eases her parenting routine too. I would love to hear  from you and know more about your experiences with diapering, please do share.


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