Meet Mompreneur Deepti & Mrs Santosh, Owner of Maitri Crafts




After my marriage, I had taken a hiatus from my HR profile. It gave me time to think and retrospect the opportunities available and my abilities to utilize them. That is how Maitri Crafts was born! I wanted to work in the field of craft, which has been an inherent part of our Indian culture, time immemorial. Being aware that these craft forms are slowly fading away due to insufficient exposure and inadequate returns, Maitri is a small step to preserve and bring this tremendous treasure to the forefront to those who understand the importance of handmade but may not be reachable! That is how it became an Online venture!

Maitri Crafts Classic Baby Sweater (Orange & Red)


The idea of Woollen crafts, came from the fact that my mother always ensured that her children were given the best in life, including the hand knitted sweaters we wore in our childhood! A teacher for 28 years, she has always been a creative person, an artist by nature, a lover of crafts at heart!! With her skills and expertise, we are able to train a few small town housewives in the art, for a living! She is already on her way to Social Entrepreneurship! This is a tribute to all mothers who believe in themselves, are highly skilled and yet keep their priorities behind the interest of others in the family! Way to go ladies!!

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