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It is a pleasure to be associated with MyBabyCart as guest blogger. Not sure, if I fall in the category of a Mompreneur or not, but it feels great to be sharing my story as a mother and mompreneur with everyday.
“Being a mother has been a wonderful journey so far. When I left my job a year back, I was both happy and sad. Happy because I was about to start off on an incredible journey of motherhood and sad because I was leaving my old life and was not sure whether I will ever be able to come back to it.
However, being a mother to a lovely daughter, Aakriti have opened up new doors in my life. I have re-discovered myself. I am able to do something I always wanted to do, I am pursuing my passing, I am chasing my dreams.
I am a freelance content and creative writer, blogger and content developer. I am working with words, ideas, thoughts, pictures, emotions and feelings.

Writing has always been something I enjoy doing at anytime, anywhere. So, I guess being a mother has re-ignited that passion in me one again and pushed me to do something I like. My daughter is my biggest inspiration, motivation and energizer, which takes me closer to my dream each day. Eventually, I want to end up writing books. Writing has also brought me closer to my second passion of reading.
Well, I am a MOM and I am doing something of my own, so I guess I can call myself a ‘Mompreneur’. And loads of thanks to all the people, who have- provided me with the platform I needed at the right time, trusted in my abilities, encouraged me with their appreciation and feedback and inspired me move towards my dream and happiness with a small step everyday. My work takes me closer to people and their emotions. I wish to bring a smile, a laugh, a thought, or even a tear.
I am not sure, if this is a story worth telling, but it is surely worth living, believing and enjoying. I am all happy now, as I almost have it ALL.
I am proud to have a daughter in my life for everything she is worth; hope one day she will be equally proud to have a mother like me in her life. Eager to read about the journey of fellow mommies too.
With loads of love, wishing all mommies a Happy Mothers’ Day, signing off, Debolina (giving words to emotions).
Adding the link to a poem, published in Momzspace for all mothers- A Woman of Substance

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