Daddy, You are Captain Adorable!


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Dear daddy-to-be,

A part of you keeps smiling? Isn’t it so? It’s not the weather, it is neither your new home and definitely not your boss. Ah! Yes! It is a smile that reaches your eyes. You look at your wife with a newly found emotion…Yes! Your heart skips a beat as you eagerly await the arrival of your baby.  Well! I can see you look into the future and rejoice in the little one’s gurgle. Well!  Don’t you think that your better half is now all the more precious as she leads you through the journey of a lifetime? You can practice being a dad by pampering your glowing wife. Yep!   It may appear that nature bestows a bigger role to the woman but the role of the dad cannot be undermined. So let’s describe YOU…I mean let’s describe daddy…

  • A dad has strong shoulders that make a secure bed for the little head to rest and doze off,
  • A dad has strong arms that exude  security against the sudden thud on the door or the meowing cat
  • A dad is someone who toils all day but envelops all in a pool of energy. His  home coming brings good cheer
  • A dad is someone who keeps mom in great spirits all the time with sweet nothings
  • A dad is the daily Santa who has plans up his sleeve and goodies in his pocket.

Did you just get a ‘charged-up’ vibe from the mamma to be? Are you a bit confused over trivial mood swings that damper your sweet efforts? As you prepare yourself to receive your little gift, you may face some misunderstandings that can be cleared with some communication.

The challenges you may face are varied but will make you smile and laugh for years to come. For instance, your lady love may show some contradictions in her behaviour. It’s like feeling hungry at one moment and then this sudden urge to throw up the next moment. You may bring her favourite sweet but that very moment she may simply dismiss it as nauseating and demand something salty. And then one day the moment you habitually tease her to bring a smile to her face; you may  find her spluttering and drowning in a pool of tears. Ah! Do not worry, All is well; it’s just that all said and done, it is just not easy to cope up with changes that come about during pregnancy. The nature of changes baffle as they are:

  • defined yet so confusing,
  • stepping stones to motherhood but still so wobbly

What do you think now? Just brave a smile; you’re her gallant knight and why do you forget you have that shining armour to shield you from the minor storms that have a natural way of subsiding in peace…No matter what!! Ha! Ha! Just smile your way through the small little triggers as your lovely lady blossoms into a mom.  A hug is all she needs and your silence may just be the most comforting gesture to show that you understand.

Do you look blanched? Why? Do you fear too many roles? But then don’t forget that you’re a magician and your baby says is too:

“Oh! Papa bear you’re so cool,

Laughter is your only tool,

Mumma bear is all at sea

Oh! She looks at you with a plea

She needs you to cope up with the wear and tear

Oh! She smiled when you gave extra support and care

Your laughter warms up the home

No wonder you’re the one on the throne

 Oh! Dad you are lovable,

You will always be ‘Captain Adorable.”

  All along if a woman feels ‘this or that’, a man tries to figure out to understand the same. Oh! This is more difficult but then with Kings come in royalty and magnanimity and you naturally begin to extend a little extra support and help to your queen. As those approving nods become more frequent, the familiar warmth increases twofold and you re-christian your beloved as mumma. Your charisma begins to work and in no time you are at your natural best…Yes! After all you are daddy…What did the little one just call you….Captain Adorable.


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