Celebrate motherhood with New Mom

The moment women enters into the phase of motherhood from the time she has conceived till she delivers a baby, her new personality of ‘Motherhood’ start evolving. And yes then she and her near ones realized that she has changed in many ways like predicting her lo’s poop or feed timing or having an OCD for spic and clean house. You all first time new moms would have heard about your mom repeating a dialogue again and again i.e ‘When you’ll become a mom, you will understand”. And yes , like always, her assumptions are always true.
I’ve been my daddy’s girls throughout my life, and once during my pregnancy days when we were chatting he said, The moment a child is born, the mother is also born. Entering into motherhood is her reincarnation with new responsibilities, new identities and new name ‘Mother’. And now when my Lo is turning two, I can see all what my parents said is true.

Being first time new mother is a unique experience of it’s kind, you will never experience the same feeling again. This involves mixed feeling happy, sad, depressed, annoyed, creative, home-nesting what not. Let not all first time mom jitters keep you away from celebrating motherhood. There are lot many ways to cherish motherhood for the first time moms, and if you know someone who has entered to motherhood this year 2014, then below are some unique ideas for Mother’s Day Gift for her and her little one:
1) Pamper Her: You may book a spa or parlour for a new mother and she will feel very much relaxed. Meanwhile you can offer her to babysit her child, she’ll be more than glad. A visit to a parlour or spa appointment with no worries to take care of little one, could be like a blessing to her. Trust me she would remember you for this mothers day gift for the life time.
2) Movie Date: Offer her that you would take care of her child and she can very well enjoy a movie with her girlfriends or hubby. Am sure not all first time new mothers have watched movies. You may also gift her tickets to her favourite play or music concert.
3)Clothes for Her: Where we see everyone gifting clothes to the new born child, lets not notice our new mother too. Gift her some cool and vibrant clothes which are comfortable and breast-feeding friendly too. Am sure all new first time moms would have been bored of boring maternity wears. These utility gift are sure to please new mother and she will admire you for gifting her clothes.
Stylish Diaper Bags
4)Accesories for Her: When all new mothers are over and done with shopping baby bags or diaper bag, gift her a sturdy and spacious handbag with more sections. Any new mother would love it and will carry it whenever she goes to out for Doctor’s visit or pediatrician. A wide mouth, spacious and sturdy hand bag can help her to put her nursing pads, sanitary pad, lip balm, hair band, moisturizing lotion, a scarf/stole/shawl and calming face wipe tissues.
Soft Toys
5) Plush and pillows for her: Gift some cute and colourful soft toys or pillows to her. She’ll love to hug it, use it as head rest or back rest. Soft toys and pillows works as a best gift for mothers of all ages as each of them has a child like nature too.
Baby Memoris
6) Mother’s Day Keepsakes: Keepsakes like hand/foot impressions, / creative collages or would be cherished by every mom throughout their life. This gift is very sensitive and heart touching for any new mother.
I hope my ideas and suggestion would help you to wrap a beautiful gift for you wife or a new mommy friend.
Wishing you all lovely mothers a very special Mother’s Day !

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