Blush 9 Maternity Wear Brand Owner Kanchi Gandhi Parekh



Create and offer our customers unique styles that are not easily available.


Six months back I created a range of products that would help pregnant women feel comfortable and stylish at the same time ,cause I noticed there was a huge gap in the market for decent, stylish and comfortable maternity wear. Pregnancy is one of the most wonderful phases of a woman’s life where she is blushing with the beauty of creating a new life. Why then should she be restricted to dress unfashionably? With every order I receive I feel these women are showing faith and confidence in my creation and I am inspired to create even better products every day to help them look stylish!


After passing MBA College I worked with one of the best toy companies in the world Mattel Toys India. Here I got the opportunity to learn about the Kids toy and Kids wear market in India. That’s when I realized the huge potential of the Kids segment in India. Coming from a Business family background I knew that I was eventually going to gain experience and then start my own Business. Since I was working so closely with the Kids wear market doing something in this field seemed like a logical next step.

However, while working at Mattel toys one of my close friend and associate the head Licensing Department Designer got pregnant. During her pregnancy she always complained about the lack of decent maternity wear available in India. She was working throughout her pregnancy and she would often confide in me about how she wanted to continue wearing decent and stylish clothes to work but she could not find anything for pregnant women.

This is when I noticed there is a gap in maternity wear market in India. I realized that young women and mothers don’t sit at home for nine months of their pregnancy like probably our mothers did. 


Hence I decided that I wanted to help women like my colleague at Mattel to be able to wear stylish and comfortable maternity clothes. Thus began my entrepreneurship journey and I created clothes which could be worn during and post pregnancy. I have used imported fabric which is four way stretchable that provides ultimate comfort and since it takes the shape of your body can be used post pregnancy as well. Most of my styles have openings that can be used for discreet nursing. Six months into this venture I already have a plan to expand and grow Blush 9 Maternity to become a stylish maternity brand for all the beautiful pregnant women out there!


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