Meet Mompreneur Bhargavi, Owner of Paisley Bay



After being a corporate pack-rat for many years, I quit my banking job to figure out something that excited me creatively. I started freelancing as a writer and wrote for magazines and newspapers. Along the way came two fiction books, and when I was onto my third book, my little princess and Paisley Bay happened. Quite by serendipity! I was searching for cute non-plastic clips for my one-month baby and couldn’t find many options. This was 2.5 years back. I started making hair accessories for my baby and realised that I loved it. A month later, I had started making hair accessories and selling them at a kid’s boutique.

While Paisley Bay was intended to be only into baby accessories, the brand forayed into High fashion jewellery and accessories for Women. With a naughty toddler that keeps me on my toes and several hats to wear , time is a scarce commodity! With help from my father and freelancers, Paisley Bay is looking forward to expand into other categories and bring joy to more little munchkins and mommas.

Thank you Mybabycart team for giving me and Paisley Bay such a warm welcome!

Happy shopping !

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