Be yourself sans ‘Baby Blues’


On one the Saturday afternoon of September, he (my hubby) said, “let me take care of Erishka, meanwhile you can get your pedicure or hair spa done”. I was just flabbergasted, thinking that “Am I looking so bad that he wants me to go to parlour or spa? Observing my reaction he said , “Just go out, with no tags attached and be yourself”. I was very excited, to visit parlour after ages, loved the every moment spent there, I relived my good old days of pampering”. When I came back after good enough 2 hours, I must say that I was not transformed into ‘Miss India’ but yes it was a ‘Feel Good’ factor. Since then on every alternate weekend, I religiously went for visit spa or any pampering activities like shopping, watching movies, bowling.

There were a lot of days I didn’t feel like talking to anyone, or put some lip-gloss and eye-liner. I would not like going out of the house
if at all I went I use to find myself in bathroom slippers or a wrongly worn t-shirt. Yes, it sounds funny but it was kind of ‘black comedy’ for me. I felt exhausted and quite irritable for petty things. I would only leave the house when I absolutely needed to. Everything
from having morning tea to comb my hair took so much time and energy and made me feel more irritable. The best part that can relive and start to feel like ‘Yourself’ again when you take responsibility for your happiness just like I did when Erishka was just three months old. Super thanks to my hubby and my mom (with high proximity) who played a role of true Angel of Happiness for me.

Quoting my mom from her experience, “It’s only ‘YOU’ who can help yourself, you need to take care of your health and well-being. You
will enjoy queen-like pampering till you are pregnant, but once you are mom no one will spoon feed you”. Here are few tips which which helped to surpass the post-delivery period with flying colours:

1. Sleep when the baby sleeps

Yes! I know you would have heard this time and again, but it’s very important to take a quick power nap when your lo is sleeping. Being new mom I know you would want to finish as much as work before she wakes up again, but trust me the world will not come to an end, if sleep for a while and recharge yourself. Don’t ever feel guilty for taking a quick nap because it’s you who have been all night awake to settle and feed your lo.

2. EAT & Drink

Yes as mentioned in the beginning, I used to skip meals thinking I have other work to finish. Hang on! Eating is very important to
reserve and sustain the energy which will help in milk production as well to keep up with the new born’s tantrums and putting them to
sleep. Also keep yourself well hydrated with lots of fresh juices, soups or milkshakes. Liquids in your body will keep your energy levels

3. Take a Shower!
Shower time – I love the most as it’s the time exclusively for myself. I feel more energised after taking hot showers with pleasant smelling body wash and shower gels. Yes I won’t deny that many times I had to rush through it may be because my lo use to get up or maybe she was getting cranky with my hubby. But still , how much ever time you have for shower, enjoy, rejuvenate and be happy!

4. Be presentable
I completely understand that as a new mom you really do not have any time and energy to dress-up or put on layers of make-up but yes a bit of eye-liner or a lip-balm will make you feel good from inside. I remember what my mother-in-law use to say, “taking of yourself will make you better at taking care of your baby”. But I learned it hard way.

5. Re-connect
If at all you are suffering from ‘baby-blues’ where aren’t anymore in touch of friends, relatives, take a deep breathe, gather yourself
(real you) and make an effort to reconnect with them again. Trust me! it works wonders.That was a hard lesson to learn. If baby blues has caused you to lose touch with friends, family or your significant other make an effort to reconnect with them again.

6. Pamper yourself
You do not have to hit the spa or beauty parlour everyday to pamper yourself. Just dedicate an hour or so everyday for yourself. Make the best of that one hour (ME-TIME) and be yourself. You may browse internet, read magazines, read favourite books, watch TV series (Like FRIENDS, KOFFEE WITH KARAN or some reality shows) or you may listen to favourite music from 90’s and relive your good-old days. By doing such activities you will start feeling ‘YOURSELF’ and ‘HAPPY’.

P.S. “A happy moms raises a happy child.”


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