Back to school: Tiffin Tips and Tricks


I hope by now you all moms would have settled your kids into back-to-school routine. My previous post was about the planning, preparation and organising tips for the smooth transition for you kids from happy holidays to back-to-school routine. This time we will focus on interesting tiffin tips, tricks and ideas for fussy eaters.

You will get number of recipes online for kids lunch box, snack time and regular meals. But to make your fussy eater eat healthy food you need to try following tips.

1) Cooking for little monster that too who is fussy eater is of course not a rocket science but an art which includes using your senses like taste, smell, texture and visible appearance. You can decide on what suits your child best by trial and error. My lo eats with her eyes, like she loves colourful food like peas, corn, tomatoes, carrots and so on. Looking at her likes and dislikes I modify and re-create recipes as per her inclinations towards visual appeal.


2) For first two weeks you can pack some treats like donuts/cookies/muffin/home-made candies.


3) For the preschoolers you can use cookie cutters to get unique shapes of parantha, poori or sandwiches. I have recently made some hand-cut shapes (bus, butterfly, car, flower, fish) of parantha for my Lo and she loved it.


4) Tiffin time in school is more than just food and eating, as my lo use to not eat if someone gets Maggie noodle, though i would have packed her favourites. So then I started preparing vermicelli (Sevaiya) in maggie style with all home masala (As I am strictly against processed food) or packed some tangy and tasty pasta. Watch this space for more detailed recipes for toddlers and preschoolers.


5) Make sure your child eats at least 5 portions of fruits and veggies in a day. So to maintain that nutrient value please include one portion of veggies like beans, carrots, peas corn and one portion of fruits like grapes, pineapple. While packing fruits avoid fruits which get dark over the time like apple, banana. For the protein who are vegetarian you may give sprouts pulses salad, or stir fried moong masala, channa masala (dry). Preschoolers love to pick and eat by themselves and this makes it easier for them.


6) Make fruit fun to eat by cutting it into cubes and putting it on a skewer with some honey brushed over it. To make fruity skewer you may use kids popular fruits like cherry, strawberry, pineapple. If your kid loves cheese add a cube of cheese to the fruit trail


7) Similar to fruit skewer you may create something with veggies too by using kids favourite veggies like tomatoes, stir fried capsicum/onion, cabbage, baked potato. And if your kids love paneer you may add a chunk of paneer to the veggies skewer.


8) An attractive and cutlery also excites and motivates kids to eat healthy and they also look forward to go to school. Buy some colourful , or cutlery with the photo or shapes of their favourite cartoon character. While buying lunch box make sure it’s spill proof, leak proof, easy to open/close and made of food grade material. If you do not wish to buy new lunch boxes, you may reuse the older ones by adding few attractive stickers on the outside of the cover. Trust me they’ll love it.
9) For the younger ones you can put some stickers or draw they love like butterfly, car something on small paper and place in a . And for the kids who can read you can write motivating nites or love notes to them.
10)Please note that you fill your child’s tiffin box with healthy, fresh, nutritive, mess free and easy to eat items.

I hope this write up helps you busy moms to prepare healthy lunch boxes and also encourages your little one to eat healthy food with no fuss.


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