Back-to-School: Planning Tips for Parents


 “Wisdom is not a product of schooling but of the lifelong attempt to acquire it.”

- Albert Einstein

As rightly said by Albert Einstein in above quote, as a parent we must empower our kids to learn and gain knowledge from their surroundings. Back to school is the most traumatic word for any child. But for pre-schoolers they cannot understand the meaning of it but the process of getting them back to school routine is painful for both child as well as parent. For my daughter who is just 2 years old and goes to Pre-nursery, was infact missing her school funtime during her vacations. And also whenever she saw any tv commercial or hoarding with some kids, school bag and books (Back to school ads) she immediately use to respond by saying, ‘School school’ and insist me to take her to school at that point of time. though it was not possible for me to take her to school but yes i use to feel happy that she enjoys her school time.

More over when I drop her to school, she immediately gets settle to her school routine activities like prayers, dance and rhymes. Just then finishing her morning routine she says ‘Bubye Bubye, mamma’. Apparently she meant or wanted me to just go off. But not all moms are lucky like me (Keeping fingers crossed , don’t know how long her love for school would last :-| ). Anyways for the parents who find it difficult to overcome the transition from happy holidays of summer to Back to school routine with thier child, here are few simple steps that that make your back-to-school process hassle-free and smooth.

1)Back to Bed-time routine

Getting back to bed-time routine as per school routine can be a challenge for every parent and nightmare for child. The one thing I use to hate about getting back to school routine was giving up on my extra sleeping hours in morning. To make it easy for you and child, try to follow the bed-time routine as per school timing one week ahead of school re-opening date. this will help you as well as your child to set in new schedule smoothly.

Also to motivate your child to sleep earlier that usual holiday time, just get him/her new bedtime stories, buy an attractive bed cover, a plush toy to hug while your child settles to sleep or you can also motivate them to sleep early by giving them rewards (Like putting goodies/sweet under pillow) on waking up early.

Please note that you avoid overnight or hectic trip just ahead of one week or ten days of school re-opening date.

2) Get Organised

Make best of your time just a week ahead of school starts, during that period try to re-connect with mommy friends of your child’s classmate. Try to host a play-date with friends from school to re-establish connections and which will make your preschooler a bit more familiar to his/her classmate too. Also organise your mails related to or from school, try to create a separate folder for the same so that you refer them in future. Also mark an alert in you mail from school organisation as well as for the parent’s of your lo’s classmate. Also do not forget to mark calendar with important dates mentioned by school in school diary.

For school supplies like clothes and , make best of the shopping sales available online and other brand outlets. For try to buy in bulk if you get good deal and

if you don’t happen to use this year, then you’ll definitely consume next year.

While buying clothes or shoes try to buy 1-2 size bigger so that it accommodates your child comfortably in coming months. Make a checklist for school-day schedules like homework, TV, play time, baths and bedtime.


Just a week or ten days stock up your kitchen pantry and fridge with favourite food for kids’. Things like light snacks baked chips, cheeseling, corn pops, pretzels, bread-sticks can work sos during hectic morning.

Also stock up their favorite fruits, veggies cheese, paneer etc. Make a weekly food and nutrition plan and stock up your pantry accordingly. This will make easier for you to plan a lunch/dinner for family as well as tiffin items for kids.

Also make sure that your morning routine is in place and follwed strictly as this will make you packing the easier and hassle-free for you.

4) After School

Make the best of after school time, ensure that you interact with your child like what did he do in school and how was his day like. If your preschooler is still learning the communicating skills, this interactive will help them speak up and express themselves.

Reward your little one something after you pick them up from school give them , new soft toy or take them to ice-creame shop and buy small cup of ice-creame for them. This will encourage them to look forward for school time everyday. An interesting and delicious after school snacks will also bring smile on your lo’s face.

Please note not to make this a regular habit but you can follow after school motivation for first two weeks of school and that too on alternate days. This help your child not to be demanding everyday after school time.

I hope these tips and ideas would help you and child a smooth transition from holiday mood to the back to school routine. These tips and tricks have been practiced by me as a mom to a preschooler Erishka of 2 years. You may modify as per your child’s inclination, interest and your family lifestyle.

Happy Parenting, happy schooling!


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