Babita & Vidhi Owner of Daamak Jewellery


Babita & Vidhi Owner of Damak Jewellery

Daamak Jewellery – Your time to shine.

Because all that glitters, is most certainly not gold. It’s you.

Daamak (meaning sparkle in Hindi)  is a chain of high end varieties of fine Indian jewellery. Started in 2001, Daamak Jewellery was originally the brainchild of a talented entrepreneur Babita Chandak. Her aim was to do away with mainstream, run of the mill designs and showcase something that would be true and unique to each of her customers. The vision to cater to a wider spectrum of women spurred Babita to create Daamak where she works with top notch fire-in-the-belly jewellery designers to spin up a world of wild and colourful fashion.

“As much as women love their roots, not all want to stick to the same old designs when it comes to adorning themselves,” is Babita’s belief. The Daamak woman believes in improving her style to match her constantly evolving image while she strives to stand out from the rest of the crowd. With the aim to reach out to gutsy, free- spirited women who enjoy their respective ethnicities, Daamak breaks away from the usual jewellery trends, and has focused more on a sublime fusion of traditional designs and modern aesthetics.

The brand currently houses an enchanting collection of different varieties of Polki, Kundan, American Diamond and beaded jewellery, that gives glamour a whole new definition with it’s subtle, structured and minimalistic styles and designs.

A tiny glittering cosmos that showcases ready to wear jewellery which not only encapsulates classic and elegant charm, but promises to give equal freedom to a woman’s desire to experiment with colours, patterns, stones and beads. Those who have a weakness for jewellery may be rest assured that Daamak is equally as particular about the designs they produce. That is why, every piece is carefully handpicked and studied to ensure the promise of pure quality and perfection is never broken.

Whether it is a traditional mehendi ceremony, or a festive corporate get – together, Daamak Jewellery will ensure the spotlight’s on you at every occasion.
Go ahead, it’s your time to shine!


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