Parenting : Babies Communicate….Are You Listening?



Tiny is the little one who charms our lives. Ah! She just smiled like an angel …  enjoys being the apple of our eyes. Well! She is special as she is the one who makes us mom and dad.  As first timers we need to understand that just like we don’t meddle with saplings yet they grow and flower to bear fruits similarly we need not fuss over our children unnecessarily. We just need to be patient to take care when problems crop up but to let go and enjoy when things get normal. Yes! We need to be natural and not hold on to worries and anxieties.


We just have to log in to nature and learn that a baby is an individual in her own right. She needs to be groomed not trained. From conception to birth, she did miraculously well and therefore with your love and care she will continue to blossom. Just accept differences and celebrate similarities. Just listen to understand her as she communicates just everything to you.


Yes! Your little one communicates dislikes through her shrill cries, restlessness, whimpers and spells out likes through smiles, peaceful behaviour and playfulness. My angel communicated after a few hours of birth that she hated a wet nappy. She let out a shrill cry that just pierced through our ears. On hearing her cry the nurse immediately changed her wet nappy and my little angel went all quiet!! My doctor told me, “Now this is your first lesson. She is a neat baby who hates being wet and messy.”


Once home, life changed. The baby was totally my responsibility and I scattered a bit. I just couldn’t focus well as my priorities got messed up with lack of sleep, tiredness and irritability. Gosh! Tiny was no longer a bundle of joy… she baffled me in the morning… and then baffled me more by afternoon and more and more during the night. From Aha! My expressions changed to … Ouch! Yep! My back was strained and mood in the dumps… being a mom was no cake walk; indeed.

Alas!  Like a guardian angel my mum arrived and changed it all. I cried like a baby who was being bullied by … Ha!Ha!Ha! A little someone who  was the size of my cupped palms. She told me “Just observe Tiny, she will communicate a lot. You will know her more if you give her space. Just observe her to understand her and I am there by your side if you need help. This is a beautiful phase … make it a memorable one … don’t ruin it with your anxious vibrations. The baby cannot handle your stress. Give her space to communicate.” To begin with I was amused with the ‘space part’ but within a few days I realized that mum was so right.


My mum would pick her up so gently and with ease as compared to my newly acquired noisy disposition and jittery ways. Oh! Tiny would mellow down in her arms and sleep off in no time. Within a few days I was equally effortless with my darling.

In fact I soon learned that my little angel had a style statement of her own. She was coy as the day began, naughtier as the day progressed and quiet notorious and nutty by evening. As a month old baby she was busy with making small little efforts to twist and turn. Oh! Her miniscule attempts convinced me of her commitment to achieve her aims. And one fine day…. she turned to land on her side and rolled to land on her stomach … Ah! How bewildered she looked … it was a definite milestone. Who was her teacher … I wondered … of course Mother Nature.

I learned to understand my baby. She was not a ‘botheration’ but a blessing. She could communicate without words or sentences … How miraculous?


To our surprise she loved to bathe and dress up. Yes! Little Miss India loved it when I would dab baby powder before dressing her up. Her gentle gurgles showed her delight. Daily massage was something she simply waited for. She would make agreeable sounds when I would gently apply oil to her back. A little over three months she would paddle faster, become restless and ask for it the moment I picked up the oil bottle. Oh! What a delight it is to follow your baby’s gestures to read their minds.


Next I observed that Tiny grew so attentive. She recognised her Daddy (Captain Adorable) and Mumma’s footsteps, voices and would turn around to get our attention. She would pout and make ho! Oh! Oh sounds, smile when she would finally see us come closer and wriggle to get into our arms. Oh! How adorable kids are when they simply put their heads on our shoulders and hold on to our strands or ears to show how they love our warmth and touch. Babies love to be held close in a warm and peaceful embrace. Yep! Our strength and peace makes them secure and happy. When in distress due to colic or even fear or shock owing to a rumbling sound, little ones calm down when they are stroked, caressed or cradled lovingly.


I started keeping exclusive hours with her. Tiny was an early riser so I would take her to the balcony, talk to her, feed her or simply sit peacefully with her. To my surprise she loved to look around. Sometimes I would make her comfortable on a mat and she would simply look around, talking to pictures of birds and animals or exercise with her hands and legs. Every few days she would try out new antics.

Sundown was a treat for tiny as her daddy (Captain Adorable) would come home. My husband would simply bend to look at her with a brilliant smile and she would roll and make noises as she knew he would pick her up soon. Next my husband would talk to her and her responses were so cute. She would babble uncontrollably, smile and pull his face to lick him. Softness is the way to a baby’s heart.


We soon realized that a peaceful demeanour worked best with children of all age groups. Our peaceful vibrations went a long way in bringing her up naturally. A time came when we would cradle her in turns to meditate in the mornings and evenings. At other times we would just bless her together as we watched her sleep.

Believe me it worked wonders because a peaceful child is happy and healthy. It was just a 10 to 15 minute job but actually we exchanged peaceful vibes with her. Again we would do everything in turns. In the absence of any one we would meditate when she was fast asleep. It is our firm conviction that vibes helped us to understand her with patience and love.


When Tiny was five months old we realized she too loved music. Daddy took yet another step and would sing to her and all his songs became her favourite lullabies. He would go a step further and whisper the same in her ears. Oh! The way Tiny would listen intently, smile like a philosopher and try and talk to him. The only difference being she would put her mouth anywhere around his ears to mimic the same. She reserved all this monkey business for the evenings.

Yes! We need to vibe and gel well to enjoy a great innings as mom and dad. How natural little ones are and how miraculously they can communicate only if we are ready to listen? Cheerio Mumma and Captain adorable. Keep smiling with your little one. I’ll stay in touch. Bye for now. Happy Parenting!!



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