Meet Mompreneur Aravindha, Owner of Little Daisies



After my little princess was born. Like any other mom I wanted her to look adorable . But couldn’t find the accessories that would match with her outfits, (Being a Mom of two meant no time for extended shopping trips!!) Then I started experimenting with many DIY craft projects and even made them as a gift for my friends. After a bit of encouragement from family and friends I started Little Daisies. Making cute little hair clips and other accessories for the all the adorable little girls. All my products are handmade with considerable thought and effort going in to each one.

Hope your little girl has as much fun wearing them as I had in creating them.



Coming from a family of avid crafters and knitters ( great grandma .. grand ma.. & mom.. aunts..) doing some form of craft like a crochet bag or crochet purse or the ubiquitous cross stitch kit was always fun when I was growing up. I feel the unique handmade items which are passed down like the cute little sweater which your grand ma made for you , which is passed on to your little one ..or that small house made from beads which your aunt did that now sits in your showcase , makes you feel special. They always bring fond memories of the person that made it and you really learn to appreciate the time and effort which was put in to it.

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