7 Places to visit in Bangalore with Kids!!

Best places to visit in bangalore

With holidays around the corner and your kids pestering you for an outing before the boring school starts, you must have started making a list of the places to visit.

Bengaluru formerly known to us as Bangalore has some really charismatic tourist attractions and if this city of wide green spaces and night life falls under your list make sure to visit its major tourist attractions.

1. Wonderla

First on the list has to be Wonderla. A jewel of Bangalore for being the best amusement park in India (2014) [as stated by trip advisor]. This place with various rides attracts many kids in and around Bangalore.

It is a complete holiday package since it not only entertains the kids but the lovely resort and restaurants keep the family comfortable even when they are away from their home.

2. Snow City

“It’s snowing in Bangalore” as said by the tagline. The snow city makes you enjoy the snowfall in south. With the maintenance of temperature at about -5 degree the place creates a perfect illusion for you and your kids to go ice skating without having to travel all the way up to Shimla or Manali. The place offers ice climbing, ice sliding even dancing as the snow falls down on you. It’s a perfect place to be in this awful summer.

3. Bannerghatta National Park

Built in 1974 this park became a major tourist attraction and by 2002 a part of this park became engulfed with ecotourism and conservation. Popularly known Bannerghatta Biological Park or BBP. It is the first park in India known to have an elephant sanctuary, which allows the interaction between elephants and human without much harm to the animal. You can even go for a jungle safari with your family or even visit the mesmerising butterfly park and if your kids are on the more adventurous side they would love trekking and hiking within the park. This place is a perfect getaway for the animal lovers.

4. Cubbon Park (Bal Bhawan)


Cubbon Park is very well known as the ‘green lung’ of Bangalore. It is an eye candy for all who visit it. The forest-like resemblance of this park is a major attraction for the naturalists. It also has a theatre and a museum. Then if you follow the aroma of popcorns you will find yourself in the Bal Bhawan which is not that difficult to find if you have an active child. This place is an attraction to kids because of the famous toy train and the ferries. Majorly meant for small kids so if you have the little one make sure to add this place to your list. It feels like being in the nature’s lap.

It is a perfect getaway for the nature lovers.

5. Nandi Hills 

Planning a little picnic among the clouds? Yah! Then I might know the perfect place. Near Bangalore are the Nandi hills. A major attraction for tourist because of the nandidurg. The fortress calls out to all the history freaks. The place is well maintained by the horticulture department. The lovely view of the sunset might just be a romantic escape for you and your partner while the kids enjoy the swings. There are a lot of must see places like the Tipu Drop (from where tipu sultan dropped his prisoners) and a lot of ancient temples.

Overall a mesmeric picnic time with your family.

6. HAL Aerospace Museum

Is your kid in love with those aeroplanes? Yes! Well then you should seriously visit the HAL aerospace museum that showcases the upliftment of the Indian aviation industry.

It is maintained by the Hindustan aeronautics limited and is India’s first aviation museum. The display of various aircrafts like the fighter planes up close and the tour is over all really informative. So If I say that these mechanical birds can make even the non-interested person an aviation buff, that wouldn’t be exactly wrong.

7. Jawaharlal Planetarium

Not all kids are the ones who go jumping around. If you have one such kid, who would rather spend his night watching the sky than the cartoons on TV, then I am sure he is going to love this planetarium.  Built in 1989, this planetarium has a dome shaped projector that displays various constellation. Another attraction might be the sky theatre that showcases various cartoons, paintings, video clips etc.

The tour is not only educational but even increases the curiosity of everyone about how vast our universe is.


Author Bio:

An architect by profession and traveller at heart, Rohit’s travel stories are shared on TransIndiaTravels.com to show his love for the most underexplored places of India. Rohit was influenced by the architecture of the ancient monuments in India and is in search to find the most interesting tourist sites in India.


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