Parenting : 6 Life Lessons from our ‘Little Teachers’


“While we try to teach our children all about life, our children teach us what life is all about.” –  Angela Schwindt

Last night, I was taught a lesson. Wondering how, why, when? I and my hubby were on top of our voices trying to locate his mobile. We almost rummaged the entire room, blame-storming each other as to why we cannot be more responsible. Actually we were not listening to each other and trying our level best to blame it all on that inanimate object. My little girl was sitting on the bed, dumbstruck by our conversation. Suddenly she crawled to the nearby pillow, lifted it, passed a smile and revealed the phone. Both of us were at a loss of words.

My girl is an avid listener and observer, she is just 10 months. We on the other hand, did not bother to listen to each other nor bothered to check under the pillow right in front of our eyes. My infant taught us a new lesson for parenting.

Life is like a big classroom! And sometimes we are students but more often we try to become teachers, I guess. With age, we gain experience and subsequent learning and then comes the I-know-it-all’ phase. We simply stop learning or too ignorant to learn. We fail to realize that life is the only teacher in this game and are hit by the raw truth now and then.

I believe that is why God decided to sent us a little teacher to teach us those unfinished lessons. Ever since I became a mother, I have learnt to brush up my life lessons with a new perspective. And not just me, my hubby also admits to the fact that he is dealing with a new height of emotion every day.

As parents, we both have learnt to achieve a new level of Patience, Accordance, Robustness, Endurance, Novelty and Tenacity.

Patience :

My darling daughter is always up to test our patience with her late night playful mood or food tantrums. Yes, it is tiring to play and sing with her in the middle of the night but it is equally enjoyable to hear her giggles and laughs breaking through the silence and her half-sleepy eyes says ‘that lullaby, just one more time’, you simply choose to give in. Patience has a new meaning when you have to arrange the blocks ten times for her to break or pulling her out from underneath the table after telling her not go there.

Accordance :

She has taught me to be more accordant. Earlier I used to just grab a sandwich for breakfast and run into the lift mouthful. Now I am teaching my daughter to sit in a high chair to eat her food. Really, my little one has taught me stick to schedule. No more half breakfasts, no more skipping lunch. Now I guess my health is equally important to keep up with her active self. She has put us ‘to routine’. I have to be more careful about her meds and vaccines than I was ever for anybody else and thats what parenting demands.

Robustness :

Frankly, I was not as tough as I am now with my child around. Now I can stand up to many for the sake of my child. I can object to certain things I do not like or strongly vouch for something I know my child likes or which I think is right for her. I am more responsible now to take care of her likes and dislikes. At times, I try to be tough with her too, but her smile melts it all away..he he. But I know there will be times in future when I have to be tough with her for good parenting and to help her find the right direction.

Endurance :

My little princess has increased my power of endurance. I am more active, I have to be, as I said to keep up to the pace. She is like never tired and surely expects the same from us. I have learnt to control my emotions- my anger, my tears, all of it. I feel I am in better control of my emotions. Her ever smiling face teaches me to pull myself out of any grave situation as simply as that smile comes to her lips.

Novelty :

My cutie pie brings my originality and desires to life, she instills the same old passion of creativity in me. I find ways to express by making something for her or writing a poem for her or laughing again at those Tom and Jerry episodes. I find a whole new me which even surprises me when I make a new song for her or I dance while cooking or mimicking her favourite cartoon or both of us doing a fun song for her. These gestures are funny, silly but anything for bringing ‘a smile bigger than a mile’. She brings out the kid in me.

Tenacity :

Who said infants are delicate, they are probably the most tenacious little creatures. They won’t let go that easy – be it trying to pick up a piece of dirt on the floor or pulling a hanging string or wanting to stand on their tiny toes. Watching them rise no matter how many times they fall is probably the greatest lesson. Now I don’t stop when I fail, I do the wrong thing over and over again to make reach the right one. I am irritated, frustrated but I don’t give in. I always remember that I am an example for my daughter.

There are many more instances- small and big where my daughter has expressed a lot through her eyes, sounds and gestures which helped me understand something different, something I might have knew but forgotten. I guess that’s why they say ‘words are not enough’.  And probably one more thing I learnt is ‘being close’. If my daughter can forget her pain coming into my arms, why can’t I by just holding her close?

These are just my experiences in this newly graduated world of motherhood. And I am looking forward to many more in my journey ahead. I hope I do not stop learning and I am able to teach the best of the lot to my angel when she needs me the most.

I am sure many of yours must be same or similar or probably completely different. So what lesson did you learn from your ‘little teacher’ today for life & parenting? I revise my life lessons in everyday situations I face. Do you?


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