6 Essentials for Perfect Diaper Kit

Diaper Kit Essentials

Diaper Kit Essentials

A well organised Diaper bag can really be an angel for your baby’s comfort. Diaper bag does not only consist of diapering essentials but also other important stuffs like baby food, sterilize extra bottles, food containers, spoons, extra pairs of clothes, boiled and cooled water and the list goes endless. So why when we open our diaper bag we are confused on what to pic and what not while making our move to change a diaper of our baby? And where do we go wrong while picking the diapering essentials for a travel trip?

The answer is you must have a diaper kit, yes I repeat diaper kit and not he diaper bag. Confused?

What I mean by diaper kit is the small zip lock travel pouch (preferably see through material, so that it’s easy for you to spot the right product at right time). It contains all diapering essentials which are required for 1-3 diaper changing trips. This kit will contain only the diapering essentials required for 2-3 changing sessions and rest all needed would be stocked in the diaper bag. So when there is blow out (especially when it’s leaky, foul smell) you can just pick your diaper kit and move to the baby room/changing table and need not carry a huge diaper bag to the washrooms/baby care room.

I found this solutions as it was difficult for me to carry my lo and a huge diaper bag at the same time at the washroom. As a carrying a huge bag every time for a diaper change for my lo I used to suffer from sprained neck and sever back ache problem. This is what I’ve personally experienced while traveling domestic, international, bus/car/train, attending social functions and home visits. So carrying only the stuff which is needed is a wise way to save us lot of carrying labour.

So below are the mentioned things and diapering essential you need to create an hassle free diaper changing experience on the move:

1) A small zip bag:

You will need a small (of around 6”X4”), preferably transparent or in see through material, with a zip lock too. It should be easy to open and close, compact and in rectangle or square shape.

2) Diapers:

You need to put around 2-3 diapers (If using disposable), folded along with the underwear too. So you don’t need to dig for the underwear while changing the diaper. If you are using cloth diapers then so not forget to put liners or nappy pads. And when you are carrying cloth diapers carry at least 5 of them.

3) Diapering essentials:

Carry a small tube (finger size) rash free cream, small baby wash. Also carry few wash cloths (4-6) and baby wipes the small pack. Do not forget to keep small bottle of sanitizer.

4) Diaper changing mat:

Carry one fold-able diaper changing mat. You can also carry 2 disposable diaper changing mats, which is quite space saving too, and light to carry. If you do not have any of these which are fold-able just buy a thin baby plastic bed lining, which economical, re-usable and space saving too.

5) Trash out

Do not forget to slip in 2 of the fragrance plastic bags (for foul soiled diaper), carry newspaper or few tissues to combat some unexpected accidents at the washroom. If you are using cloth diaper, do not forget to wash away feces and flush in potty and put it in a thick plastic bag. Also other spoiled clothes like pants and underwear do the same and put it in plastic bag and keep all soiled cloths out the diaper bag as well as diaper kit.

6) Toys

Carry one cute little toys so that you can distract your little one while diaper changing sessions.



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