5 Ways to Beat the Heat with your Kids



Kids are out of school and the temperature is shooting up – it can mean only one thing – the summer holidays are here! It is that time of the year, when kids go crazy and parents go crazier! The soaring mercury can make kids very irritable and it can also cause heat stroke and exhaustion, hence it is important to keep them safe and busy this summer.

You don’t need to drain your pockets looking for fun games and activities to keep your kids cool. Here are some economical ways to beat the heat and stay active with these summer games and activities for children.

1. Cool off Pool: It might not be possible for all of us to take our little ones to the neighborhood pool every day, but what we can do is buy a small inflatable kiddy pool. Playing in water is something all kids love to do and it can help keep them active and cool off at the same time. You can make it more interesting by putting in some toys like water squirters, floatation devices and other fun stuff to keep your kids occupied during the hot months of summer. This kiddy pool can be placed in the garden area or the backyard, and it can be moved easily without any hassle. If you don’t want to invest in the pool, you can always turn your bathroom tub into a kiddy pool.

2. Chores to keep them occupied: Get children involved in small chores around the house like washing the car or giving your dog a bath. This way they learn to be responsible and such activities strengthens the bond between the kids and the parents. The trick is not to teach them how it is done but spend quality time together having fun.

3. Gardening: Children love playing in the mud and getting dirty, and gardening is the best way to have fun while getting. Help your kids get away from technology and get in touch with the nature by introducing them to gardening, planting seedlings and watering the plants. Some of the best memories can be created when you take time off and introduce your kids to the wonderful world of Nature through your garden. Of course, when there is water involved you can never keep your kids dry or clean.

4. Water, Water and more Water: Make sure your children drink lots of water during summer. It is essential that your kids drink as much water as possible as there is a risk of dehydration and exhaustion. You can make drinking water more interesting by chilling the water and adding slices of lemon, oranges or mint in it. Water will taste more refreshing and look more interesting for your kids, encouraging them to hydrate themselves without you having to run behind them to drink water. Frozen popsicles and juices are also a great way of cooling off in summer. If you live in a gated community, you can encourage your kids to put up a lemonade stall outside, this way they can make some pocket money while keeping the neighborhood kids hydrated as well.

5. Get crafty: If you think the heat is too much to let your kids out, you can always make your indoor more fun by letting your kids explore their creative side. Give them paints, teach them paper craft or encourage them to write a song, this way they can unleash their creativity.

So, here are ways to keep cool without breaking the bank. Remember to apply sunscreen on your kids before they run out in the sun, it will protect them from the harmful UV rays. Stay safe and have fun with your kids this summer!



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