16 Essential Vaccines That Your Child Needs

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Being a new parent can be hard. Even as you are celebrating the arrival of your little angel, you have to take precaution to keep your baby safe from harmful infections. And one of the best ways to do it is through vaccination.

Since the immune system in newborn babies is not fully matured, leaving them vulnerable to various diseases, getting your child vaccinated can protect your child from serious diseases and help them have a healthy life right from the start. Moreover, since there are no effective alternatives to immunization, vaccinating your child become all the more imperative if you want to keep them safe from deadly diseases.

But, are you aware of all the vaccines that your child needs to take? Do you know which vaccines your child needs to be given at a particular age?

No idea?

This infographic gives you all the necessary information about your  child’s vaccine schedule along with the list of the 16 vaccines your child needs:

Vaccinations for your Child

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