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Motherhood gives us lot of happiness, and while feeding your lo either with breastfeeding or bottle-feeding both gives equal comfort and contentment. Breastfeeding is the best feeding supplement that as a mother one can give to their new born child. You can start on formula after consulting your pediatrician if you are unable to breastfeed because of health issues or inadequate milk supply.

I was glad that I could breastfeed my lo for 1 year. But I also started bottle feeding her with expressed milk just after a week so that i can catch up on sleep and get much needed rest. It was very convenient for my mother or my hubby to take care of her in night as she was used to bottle feeding. And also it helped me to pacify her during weaning days and it helped to stop breastfeeding quite easily. Also note that there are gears like breast milk bottles, breast pumps (manual & automatic) available to ease out the process of expressing milk and breastfeed your child in your absence.

I started bottle feeding for her just because I always wanted to get back to my work assignments and so if she is on bottle it’s easy for her to cope in Day care too. Nobody in my family had ever given bottles, so it was a trial and error for me to learn through my experiences.

Once you and your partner decide on giving her Formula milk with bottle feeding, there are some essentials you need to have before you get started. Please find the list of items you need for hassle free and hygiene bottle feeding experience for yourself and your Lo.

1. Bottles
There is a wide range of bottles available in the baby product market both online and in baby shops. Select the bottle as per your child’s requirement like in early days of newborn even 5-10 ml bottle is sufficient whereas once the baby grows you might need bottle upto 350 ml. Also stock up at least 3-5 bottles and always keep them all rinse washed, sterilized and air dried.
2. Nipples
Do not forget to buy couple of extra nipple while gearing up for bottle feeding. As it is advisable to change / dispose the bottle nipple every 1 week of constant usage.

3. Formula
Stock up the formula as per brand suggested by pediatricians. I use to give Nan Pro till 8 months and then gradually shifted to Lactogen. In UK Nan series was not available so I use to give her Bebiko (Polish brand). And now when she is 19th month old, and when we are travelling I give her Amul Spray Formula. Amul spray taste same like our dairy milk and it does not curdle so soon.

4. Bottle Cleanser & Sterilizing equipment You can use bottle and nipple cleanser for cleaning your baby’s bottles and nipples. They are nontoxic alternative to harsh soaps and other chemicals we use at home for washing utensils. And, you need not spend hefty amount to sterilize your child’s feeding bottles. There are plenty of bottle sterilizer available in economical price too. Also at home sterlising method also works best. While traveling I’ve used microwave, electric kettle and hot water rinse to make sure my lo’s bottles are hygienically clean. (Watch this space for more on how to sterilise on-the-go and at-home)

5. Milk powder dispenser
I highly recommend all new moms and hands on moms to buy this milk powder dispenser. It’s very handy, convenient and makes formula feeding much more simpler. All you need to do is pre-measure the formula scoops and put it in to different compartment and just pour the formula into the bottle with small mouthed spout. It makes formula feeding mess free while on-the -go or during sleepy night times, when you really don’t have energy and time to measure each scoop of formula milk powder.

6. Bottle dryer
No hear am not talking about any electronic bottle drying gear, as I mentioned earlier bottles are best dried in air. And if you are in hurry just wipe it with clean tissue. There are range of beautiful bottle drying racks are available but you may use small plastic basket or glass holders to do the same job. I used plastic basket for Erishka and it was efficient and economical.
7. Bottle/nipple brush
Before you head for sterilizing your little ones bottle, just make sure you have bottle and nipple brush to clean it properly. This is the most essential must haves for hygienic bottle feeding for your lo.

8. Bottle warmer
You may buy an electric bottle warmer, which also has an indicator for the heat temperature. It makes life easy as you need not have to run to kitchen if your lo cries in mid-night. Also you may skip to buy an electric bottle warmer, at home just do high boiling of water in vessel (you may use kettle while travelling), and pour the water in a vertical contain and bit wider than the bottle. And place the bottle in the that container, wait for 5-7 mins and your lo’s milk is warm enough to feed her. Also there are lot of bottle carrier are available, which are lesser in price and maintain the bottle temperature up to four hrs.

9. Pillow
Always make sure that your child is placed /lying inclined, upwards from head while feeding in bottle. This will reduce the chances of colic cry in your child. I used to use baby pillow. It helps your lo to get grip of nipple and little or no air will go in her mouth.

10. Bibs/wash cloth
Always keep bibs, wash cloth handy so that any burp accidents happen then you can clean your lo’s mouth immediately and preventing her to swallow it.

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